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Why I am Seeking the Position 

To my fellow Citizens of Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Desha, and Drew Counties:

Our local Circuit Court system is in for a big change and I want to help. Our Judicial Circuit consists of five Circuit Judges. Those judges hear a variety of legal matters in the areas of Civil, Criminal, Domestic Relations, Probate, and Juvenile law. Each judge has a Division. Each Division is assigned a number. For Example: Circuit Judge Division 1. Historically there were two distinct types of courts Circuit and Chancery. These Chancery courts no longer exist pursuant to Amendment 80. All Circuit courts have the same authority to hear all subject matter. Amendment 80 allows the Judges of each Circuit to decide how to divide up the work load created by our five counties.

In the last year, there was a movement to remove two of the Judges/Divisions from our Circuit and move them to other areas of the State. This movement would have adversely affected the ability of our courts to provide effective and timely access to judicial system for all of us.  Fortunately, that movement was stopped, for now.

Next year will see the retirement of three of our current judges, the Honorable Judge Sam Pope, the Honorable Judge Kenny Johnson, and the Honorable Judge Bynum Gibson.  Divisions 1, 2, and 3 respectively.  With the recent election of Judge Quincey Ross, that means on January 1, 2021 our circuit will have 4 first term judges.  

This is the “big change” I am writing about. A significant portion of a judge’s duties during a trial is in determining if an item of evidence or testimony will be allowed in during the trial. This is even more important during a jury trial. It is critical for any person that would hold the position of Circuit Court Judge that they would have a substantial history of jury trial experience.  

I have been practicing law for 21 years. Over the last 19 years, I have served you as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and during that time, I have had the privilege of earning that jury trial experience while seeking justice for you.

My desire to serve my fellow citizens continues today and it is my desire to put that experience to use serving as Circuit Judge. I'm pleased to announce at this time, my candidacy for Tenth Judicial Circuit Judge Division 2, and I ask you to vote for me on March 3, 2020.





Frank Spain